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Whether packaged in stand-up resealable bags, pet jars, produce tubs or pillow bags, our products are in thousands of grocery and supermarket stores throughout the US in our Kings and Peterson's brands or in private labels. We have the capabilities, capacity and the know how to provide a custom program for you.


Convenience Stores

Our products are in over 7,000 retail U.S. and Canadian outlets. Our product line includes Tube Nuts, Peg Board bags, our cashew warmers, stand-up resealable bags and our on the go Cup Line.


Mass Merchandisers

Our products are in hundreds of stores in the mass merchant, dollar store, and Drug store industry. We produce a number of items and sizes that are sure to fit any planogram.


Food Service Distributors

King Nut provides our product throughout the country to many restaurants, hotels and bars through some of the largest distributors in the country. We can produce our products in 2-3 lb stand-up resealable bags, 5lb bulk and 25 lb bulk boxes. We offer a full range of different nut meats, snack mixes and candy.



Whether you are waking up to a breakfast snack in Los Angeles, or an evening snack as the sun sets in Tokyo, or having afternoon tea in London or a first class beverage snack as you take off from New York, King Nut is where you are. On every major US airline, we are always around. Consumers enjoy King Nut snacks over 1 million times per day, worldwide. Our Capabilities include bags of nuts and snacks from 12 g up to 2 oz as well as 4-5 oz reseabale stand-up bags.



Whether you are a school, church or non-profit organization, sign up for our Fundraising Program today! Our objective is to lessen the anxiety of fundraising by providing great products, incredible profits and exceptional service.

Peterson's Traditional Brochure Fundraising Program Offers:

  • 50% profit
  • Free shipping for qualified orders (orders over 400 units in Ohio or over 600 units outside of Ohio)
  • Convenient pick up location
  • Free brochures
  • Fresh roasted product right from our plant

Orders can be sorted and packed by individual seller at no additional charge with orders of $3,000 or more in retail sales.


Private Label / Contract Manufacturing

Our capabilities include private label packaging and Co Packing for some of the largest companies in the world. They put their trust in us because we have knowledge, quality and safety as well as the capabilities to package their products in many types of packaging and sizes.


Custom Packaging

We have the ability to package many types of products in a variety of sizes ranging from 12 g all the way up to 600 lb super sacks. We also have the ability to package any type of product in a variety of substrates as well as the capability of producing resealable stand-up zip lock bags, PET Jars, produce tubs, on the go cups and pillow bags.


Gift Catalog

Our holiday gift catalog is filled with great ideas for corporate gifts, personal gifts, holiday parties and great stocking stuffers. All of our holiday items are produced right here in Solon, OH within days of being ordered. There are many unique gift ideas and price points for everyone.